Cultural Fabric of Philadelphia, Unity Cup Soccer Championship Match, 11.5.16

The City has just finished a major project involving its multicultural diversity program....the Unity Cup Soccer Match.  This was an event that eventually involved over 30 immigrant communities in the City.  The mayors' idea was to bring immigrant communities together around a common  So every community was asked to sponsor a soccer team, for a major city-wide tournament.

Over 30 immigrant communities, inclucing the USA, entered a team.  The tournament spanned months during the Fall of 2016.  The final Championshop match was yesterday, November 5, 2016.  It was held at Citicens Bank Park, the home of the Phillies.

Below are some shots of the day.  It was a whole day traditional immigrant "party", along with the soccer match.  It was great, it really was.  It really made you appreciate what the diversity in the City brings to life in the City.  The whole day reaffirmed that the Mayor is moving in the right direction with respect to immigration and diversity.  I'm proud to stand with the Mayor and Peter Gonzalez the CEO of the Welcoming Center, who are two major champions of immigrant integration for the City.

I've also got a bunch of images from the day online, about 100 or so.  To view them:

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Picture Painting - Maison Park, 11.4.16

Here's another of my Picture Paintings.  And to show you a little more about them, I've also shown the original shot below.

The way these images are made is that you start with the photo, as below.  You then pick what kind of paper you want the painting to be on.  This is a heavy artist canvas paper.  Some of the texture shows through at spots.

I then pick from litereally hundreds of available brushes.  Here I used an "oily bristle brush" for the whole piece.  Then I came back in with another brush, a brush used by the impressionist artist Sargent, one of my favorites.

I then have fun just going over the photo, with the artist brush.  I put Pandora on my favorite blues station and just chill and paint.  This image probably took me a couple of hours.  Of real relaxing "bliss".  I hope that you enjoy it.




Picture Painting - Horses Playing, 10.30.16

Here's another Picture Painting of a very old Archives image.  Many of you may remember this one.  A couple of horses playing, on the Wanamaker farm in western Chester County.

High Energy Jazz, Digital Photo Painting, 10.30.16

Here's another Picture Painting from the Archives.  This is a shot from my time in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.  After the hurricane, the City had very little to be happy about.  Music, though, emerged early as a means of "healing".  Every night, the music joints in the French Quarter came alive with the only chance that most people had to relax.  As the City recovered, music took on a more prominent role in the healing process.

Picture Painting - Blue Guitar, 10.29.16

Here's a Picture Painting from the Archives, when I was shooting at Philly Sound Studio's ( ),  Philly's premier recording studio.  If you know a band that wants to record, please pass this name along.

Picture Painting - Appalachia Church, 10.29.16

Here's another Picture Painting, from a photo trip to Appalachia.  I saw this photogenic church but then saw the table on the porch, especially with the yellow flower in it.

Picture Paintings - 10.29.16

As some of you know who follow my work, there's a particular digital photography process that I like very much....."Picture Painting".  This is a process where you use a software to literally "paint" a photo with traditional artist brushes.

I've started to do this work again.  Some examples are below: